Searching for new members! Studios available!

Studio for rent!

Daisy Chain (f.k.a. Locatie Z) is looking for new members

The Hague artist initiative Daisy Chain (f.k.a. Locatie Z) has a BIG studio space available. The studio is 97 m2, situated on the ground floor and can house up to three artists. The space has three small office/storage spaces, additional storage space on top, a large shared floor space, roof lights, very high ceilings and easy access to the dock and outside space. There is heating in the small office spaces and a big sink in the shared space. See pictures for a detailed impression of the space. Furthermore, artists have access to our well-equipped shared kitchen and storage unit (for ladders/scaffolding/ extra tables, etc.). 

Costs are 586,92 euros per month for the entire space, including utilities (water, energy, internet, etc.), or 195,64 euros per artist in case of three artists.


Daisy Chain is looking for new members (minimum 2) with a level of experience in running an artist initiative or art organization. We are a self-organized artist initiative, existing together with two other organizations (iii and SW2) in the overarching organization WD4X. Our Daisy Chain group consists of 11-13 artists who work on their individual artistic practices, but also contribute to organizing collective activities such as open studios, small exhibitions and events, etc. Renting a studio space at Daisy Chain also means being an active member of the collective. All members are expected to do tasks (organizational, practical, administrative, etc.) that contribute to the collective effort of running and maintaining both Daisy Chain, as well as WD4X as an organization. At the moment, we are looking for new members who can contribute with organizational and administrative skills in particular. 

Are you (an) artist(s) with a certain level of knowledge and experience in the cultural field? Are you someone who wants to combine their artistic practice with an active contribution to a collective organization? And are you looking for a new workspace environment? Contact us! We are open to all sorts of applications: individual, duo or even small groups/collectives.

In short:

  • 97 square meter: to be shared with minimum 2 artists. Preferably 3. Maximum can be discussed.
  • Available per Oct 1st 2023.
  • 586,92 euros per month for the entire space, including utilities (water, energy, internet, etc.), or 195,64 euros per artist in case of three artists.
    > utilities are an advance payment, final costs are calculated at the end of a calendar year. 
  • Please note: all members are expected to contribute a minimum of 4 hours per month on maintaining our organizations and the building. These hours are a contribution to both WD4X and Daisy Chain. 

Interested? Send an email to Please include a short letter of motivation and a link to your website/portfolio. You can visit us (inform us before hand) on 10, 18 and 22 August, to see the space and talk to our members. If these dates don’t match your schedule, we can try to find an alternative date to meet. 


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