Zaterdag 15 december bij LOCATIE Z; PROBE III & OPEN STUDIOS

Locatie Z is here to stay.

After years of wondering around The Hague, Locatie Z set foot on the shore of Willem Dreespark: the final location. The group of artists was determined to turn their new residence into a fruitful habitat for omnifarious practices. New corridors were created and walls arose to provide them with flexible spaces for artistic production and public programming. Now is the time to open the doors and invite you into our studios. To introduce ourselves to you once more, with a new Location, new members and many new works.

Probe III – Open Studios is a tribute to trying out: a day about presence, presentation and experiment.

A warm welcome to our many-faced audience: our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues and supporters, and to all yet unknown acquaintances. Welcome to Probe III – Open Studios!

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