Vrijdag 17 Mei, Locatie Z presents at Polluxstraat 10, 2516 AX Den Haag

PIP Expo x Locatie Z presents: PauZe (at Optie B)

Sybren de Boer, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Josje Hattink, Ibrahim R. Ineke, Matthias König, Saskia Laurant, Lisa Sebestikova, Jeannette Slütter, Marina Heuvelman & Berk Duygun

In this exhibition the members of art initiative ‘Locatie Z’ present a pause in their work. For a moment they stop the time in their process of making art. How ripe is the work and how will it evolve? What are the triggers in a process for the next step? When is it finished while you are drowning in possibilities? Or perhaps the work will be finished by showing it at PIP expo?

PIP expo is curated by Jeannette Slütter and Noortje de Brouwer
Graphic Design: Jelle Koper
With special thanks to Fonds 1818


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