We are looking for a new member!

Locatie Z has a studio available and is looking for a new member!
The studio will be available from 1 August 2021 and costs 150,38 euros per month ( no BTW) , including internet and service costs. The final service costs will be calculated at the end of each year. You will get a contract for nine months, which will be renewed and extended with 5 more years in April 2022. 
What do you get? The studio is located in a big space, where three members have their own offices and storages and also work on a shared floor space. The available studio has one private office (about 6 m2 with a large window to the street), one private storage space (also 6 m2 with large doors), ‘roof’ storage (approx. 12 m2) and a shared floor space of about 60 m2. The studio is quite high, about 4 meters. 
You will be sharing the floor space with Josje Hattink and Thijs Fokkens, who are also Locatie Z members. The studio is located in the Locatie Z area of the WD4X building. All studios are on the ground floor, have access to the street and the water side. There is a shared kitchen with all needs (fridge, cooker, dishwasher, kitchenware, etc.) and there are some shared facilities like scaffolding, ladders, vacuum cleaner, lamps, beamer, etc., for members to use. 
Locatie Z operates as a group initiative, which means a shared responsibility for facilities and the viability of the initiative. We are looking for an early-mid career artist who uses their studio on a regular basis and wants to be an active member to an artist initiative. Want to join us? Send an e-mail with some info about yourself, your work and your motivations/expectations to and hopefully we will meet you soon!